We Provide your Professional email with your company name. Email is increasingly becoming the primary mode of communication in today’s world. Through both paid and free email providers, we are able to maintain personal and professional communication easily.


Additional features that a good email provider should offer include calendars, instant messaging options and mobile apps for smartphones and tablets. All features should sync seamlessly between desktop and mobile versions.


An important thing to consider is the amount of storage space an email account offers. Some people prefer to keep detailed archives and have a lot of incoming and outgoing emails. For these people, the need for an email provider that offers extended storage space is extremely necessary.

Attachment Limits

Another key considerations these days for email providers is how large an attachment can be sent in a regular email. With the proliferation of high definition photos and videos, it can be a challenge to send media and documents with embedded media over email.

Filters and Folders for Organization

In order to maintain a clean inbox, folders and filters are an important feature. A good email host will allow these to be set up with some even allowing auto-sorting of incoming emails based on keywords, past preferences and behavior.


A reliable email provider should have as few connectivity issues as possible as well as smooth delivery of email, unhindered by things such as overzealous spam filters. This can be an issue in some providers where either emails are not received or do not reach their destination.


One key aspect of choosing an email provider is to assess the degree of security it provides. For even a regular user of email, there can be sensitive information to protect such as bank information, passwords, links to other websites and social media websites, tax information and other personal information.

Help, Support and FAQs

A good email provider should provide basic support for regular smaller problems as well as major issues. Help services can include password recovery, customer service over email or phones and frequently asked questions.

Data Portability

his aspect is often not considered but is a very important factor. This either means that the email provider must support a desktop client such as Outlook or Thunderbird or the service has export and import capabilities.

Email Composition Tools

This may not seem like an important feature to some people, but it is a useful tool to have options such as fonts, sizes, spell checks, signature etc.