online library management system

Library Management System we provide is developed as a reasource planning system for any type of library. It’s basically made to track records of books owned, issued, lost, fine to be collected etc . It’s a web based system which will help you manage everything associated with a library in a more effecient way.

Issuing a book to a member is just a matter of a click. There are configurations for day limit to keep a book, managing fine system and managing lost books. Easy LMS will be an efficient and intelligent companion for managing your library.

Features of Online Library Management System

Dashboard (Graphical Reports)

In Dashboard admin can view numbers of members, numbers of books issued, Total Books, Books Lost.

General Settings

In online Library management software general settings modules admin can change fine, book submit maximum days, enable or disable any book or functions.

Member Management

Member management is used for add new member or create member id, change any user details like password, enable or disable member in online library management system.

Book Management

Book management is most imporantant modules in online library management system. In book management we can add book, update book details, delete books and search book.

Categories management

In categories management we can arrange all books with categories wise. So its imporantant for library management system.

Issue Book

In Library Management System we can issue any book to member with member id and issue date.

Return Book

Return a book is manage by Return book modules in Library management system.

Reports (Issue,Return,Lost,Out of stock etc…)

In Reports Management we check list of Issue books, return books, lost books and out of stock books list. here we can download excel, make a print in online library management software.

Notify members by Email

In online library management system Notify member by Email admin can send notification via email for book avaiablities and book return date etc

Advanced book search

In Advanced book search we can search a book with ISBN Number, book number, barcode, author, publisher, categories wise etc. Advanced search is very useful for online library management system.

Change Password

Change Password is used for change password for admin in library management software.

Control Maximum issue days and minimum issue days

Control maximum issue days and minimum issue days for a book is using for online library management system.

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