In May 2015, Spycoder enhancing its remote monitoring and management (RMM) offerings and adding MSP service automation to the range of IT management challenges that the company works to address for the IT community.
Spycoder is the global leading provider of complete IT management and Automation solutions for Managed Service Providers (MSPs).Spycoder has a proven track record of helping MSPs standardize and automate the setup and delivery of IT services in order to achieve true scalability. Spycoder is backed by the most comprehensive business enablement support services available today and the industry’s only Freemium licensing model. Thousands of MSPs use Spycoder solutions to deliver scalable, flexible, profitable managed services to over 100,000 SMBs worldwide. With offices in Neemrana,Jaipur.


A network service provider (NSP) is a company that provides backbone services to an Internet service provider (ISP), the company that most Web users use for access to the Internet. Typically, an ISP connects at a point called an Internet Exchange (IX) to a regional ISP that in turn connects to an NSP backbone.

Private Line

Spycoder Private Line solutions make connectivity between two sites simple, ensuring the highest standards of security and reliability for your voice, video and data communication needs.

IP Services

Our reliable and leading-edge IP services solve traditional network problems relating to speed, scalability, class of service management and traffic engineering.


you must allocate assets at multiple locations to maximize profits and minimize losses. This fluid management of resources is one of the keys to your success.Your network should be as flexible as your business strategy.

Global VPN

Use Spycoder VPN to differentiate your service provider business by supporting exciting new service models in new and emerging markets for voice, video, data and other complex applications.

IPX Connect

Mobile data traffic continues to grow exponentially, fueled by the adoption of smartphone, social networking, and video communications.