We are providing IT Security services to make secure your online information like online payment transfers. Spycoder provides a full-scale Managed Security Service to allow you to protect your most valuable IT assets as well as your organization’s and customers’ data, while helping you meet the most stringent compliance requirements and internal controls. Have our security specialists monitor your network and you will stay protected at all times!


Quick and Easy Deployable Security

STOP putting off security because it’s hard or expensive.Quickly begin identifying and resolving security issues.Providing enterprise level security without an enterprise size budget!

You can’t secure what you can’t see

Includes asset and inventory management.Identify devices on you network.Increase your visibility in the age of IoT.

Insecure systems

Easy and effective vulnerability management.Scan devices and websites for vulnerabilities (e.g. missing patches).
Fix misconfigurations (e.g. default credentials, insecure open ports).

Cloud Security Dashboard

Quickly deploy centralized logging.Access to security data visualization tools.Simple alert and event monitoring.