Hotel / Travel Booking ERP

With rapid growth and development in the tourism industry, need for managing the tasks involved while planings holiday accounts in for lot of energy and preparation to be put in while making the necessary travel and hotel booking arrangements.

Educational ERP

Handling various departments at various places be it a company, big organization, school, etc. calls in for a lot of effort and funds to be invested. To sort numerous problems that arise due to lack of management and proper knowledge about all parts of an organization requires well-designed software

Textiles ERP

Textiles industries hold number of departments whose functions deeply vary from one another. Handling the functioning or operations of each department becomes a task as numbers of resources require to be collated together before further actions for each department can be performed.

Customer Relationship Management

Customer relationship management or CRM is software meant for allowing a business to record and to maintain all customer data at a centralized location that is easily approachable for the whole organization.

Real Estate

Purchasing and selling of property now days is becoming a tough task as many real estate agents or brokers with their competitive services lure customers to make many ounces of money.